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Here is what customers have to say about our crews and the quality of their workmanship...

Randall M. - San Antonio, Texas
First off, I want to commend your guys on their workmanship. The roofers did a great job with my biggest concern which was errant nails. Please thank them. Additionally, I want you to know, we have the hottest roof in the neighborhood!!!! There were a few people that questioned my choice, even panned it. Now complete, they love it. In fact it's so hot, I'm getting daily compliments both on the color and workmanship. I found out you guys will be in San Antonio for a bit. Im gonna be sending you some business, if you can take it on. Thank you again.

Mike B. - Tucson, Arizona
I highly recommend Poplin Construction Company as a general contractor. My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Bobby Poplin, Ray Salcido, and the entire Poplin team for over 8 months on the rebuilding of our home in the Tucson Foothills following a major fire and subsequent flooding from monsoon rains.

Bobby and Ray were with us every step of the way guiding, advising, answering our many questions, and building our confidence that we could overcome the significant damage to our home and personal items. They personally came out to our property on a regular basis, checked on the status of the work, and expedited the many permit processes. They advised and referred us to top-quality vendors/suppliers and provided their expertise in selecting the myriad of needed home construction materials ranging from tile flooring to cabinetry, granite, roofing, plumbing, custom closets, heating/cooling systems, lighting fixtures, and interior and exterior paints.

After getting all the reconstruction permits and materials, the beautiful home that we dreamed of soon became a reality through the hard work, energy, and professionalism of the Poplin employees and their outstanding sub-contractors. Everyone associated with his company are true craftsmen in their trades. Their work was always excellent and they were a pleasure to work with.

Of particular note was Poplin's superb care and handling of our personal property/household goods that needed to be evacuated from the home, refurbished, stored in climate controlled facilities, and returned to our home when the reconstruction work was completed. The care of our household goods was the absolute best I've experienced in over 40 years of moving with the military and with a major defense industry company.

So, a huge thank you to Bobby, Ray, and the awesome Poplin Construction team that put their hearts, time, and talents into transforming our loss into a dream-come-true home! Thank you.

P. Fey - Tucson, Arizona
"The workers come on time, and work a very full day. The supervisor and workers are courteous when they communicate with me, the roofing materials that that they use are of the highest quality. They are mindful and knowledgable about the job, and answer my questions. The work they have performed is good and the finished product is really professional and EXCELLENT. Thank You for Poplin Construction, as usual USAA has risen above the standard insurance company, and selected only the best for the job."

Jaime F. - Tucson, Arizona
"When my home caught on fire I knew exactly who to turn to. Poplin construction immediately came out the next day and we were on our way to restoration immediately. They took care of everything and eased our tension in the midst of chaos. It sometimes takes weeks before the process begins. They helped push it along understanding our rights and the process involved to avoid delays. When everything felt like it was falling apart, they were our key in pulling things back together. Know that you will be taken care of from start to finish."

Michael M. - Tucson, Arizona
"This is a final report of the Flood Repairs performed by Poplin Construction on our home. I wrote an Interim Report on December 6, 2014, and promised to write a final report when our repairs were finished.

Poplin Construction continued with the same wonderful work that we wrote about and our feelings about their work and business practices remain the same.

Our home is now finished. We have a new floor, new walls, new cabinets, new granite - well, you get the idea - and at every stage Poplin Construction exceeded our expectations. They came when they said they were going to come and did what they said they were going to do. When they hired subcontractors for specific aspects of the work we were always impressed with the quality of the work.

I only met Bobby Poplin through our insurance company - USAA - and whether we were just lucky or all the USAA approved contractors are this good all I can say is that they were fantastic.

There were some minor glitches - as expected in a job this size - and Mr. Poplin went above and beyond to make them right. At one point there were two painters here who Mr. Poplin pays by the hour and after he left one of the painters told us that Mr. Poplin had told them not to rush and to be sure to do a good job. Mr. Poplin and Poplin Construction appear to be an anomaly in today's business climate. He believes his word is his bond and doing what he said he was going to do means something.

We were so impressed with Poplin Construction that we hired them to paint the outside of our home."

Emily I. - Tucson, Arizona
"I have worked w/a variety of contractors over the last 25 years in 5 different states and by far Poplin Construction was the best. Communication was very important and we had a primary point of contact for the communications and that helped to keep things more organized then when I have worked w/other contractors in the past. Throughout the project they made very thoughtful suggestions for how to get the best result when we were facing unexpected challenges.

They were very honest and fair in their dealings for the entire process. The cost they quoted in the beginning was very accurate for what we agreed to do at that time. We like the work so well, that we choose to expand the project 3-4 different times and added on cost for those as separate 'change orders'. The workers themselves were very polite and eager to please. Toward the end of the main phase of the 1100 sq ft addition we learned that we were going to be having a family member who is in the military come for an unexpected visit between international deployments.

Poplin's team and even his subs worked many extra hours even on the weekend to make sure the house would be put back together in time for the 'homecoming'. Mr. Poplin helped us to work out options that would allow us to have an even better result than we thought possible."

Jason & Sophia - Tucson, Arizona
"First of all let me say thank you to Poplin Construction team. You guys are truly awesome, …

"Thank you Bobby and Jimmy for coming out the day after Christmas. This helped a lot with understanding the assessment of the damages, dealing with the insurance company and calming my fears of rebuilding after a tragic fire . . . Walking through the mess with you two, it was a relief . . . such a blessing.

". . . every step of the way you guys were courteous, respectful, and polite . . . It’s nice to know that people can and do really care for someone else’s well being.

". . . you guys we’re so up front and honest. You didn’t try and hit me later for silly fees or argue with me about changing some things. . . Right down to the craftsmanship of your carpentry that Brian and Keith did. To the plumbing by Larry & Dave, the stucco by Ernest, the painting by Rick, and the cabinets by Carroll. It is all top notch, very clean, professional work and the speed you guys worked at was amazing.

"I really want you guys to know how much you lifted my spirits and gave me hope . . . I think of you guys as my friends. . . just like the materials that went into my house, solid and yet very unique, the same could be said about each and everyone of you guys at Poplin, sold and unique, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t thank my friends enough."

Colleen M. - Tucson, Arizona
"I want to thank you and Jimmy Hunnicutt and the team of people who responded to the water damage in my home in December. Their positive attitudes and willingness to go the extra mile are a reflection of the excellent quality of people you have working for you. I am pleased with how they have restored my home and appreciate the high level of excellence you have instilled in your employees."

Robert C. - Tucson, Arizona
In regards to: Outstanding Workmanshp and Professionalism
"I'm writing this letter to express my family's deepest appreciation for the expedited workmanship and repairs your company completed in my home. At a time when no one expects water damages to present itself and having to deal with the stresses of returning from a recent deployment in Iraq. Poplin Construction restored service, confidence and peace of mind in my home. Without hesitation and putting the customer first, your workers went beyond what the job called for and made repairs you knew would solve the long term problem regardless what my insurance settled for. It is this king of honest dedication and service from a company that's hard to find when an emergency such as this one arise. I took on your company based off the information my insurance USAA shared with me, and your company did an outstanding job. Because of the confidence and work ethic Poplin Construction delivers, I would not hesitate to call again. I want to further recognize your individual workers that worked in my home for the professionalism and hard work they provided. They were very courteous and projected what I would call Poplin quality. They were knowledgeable about the work they performed and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Not having any construction experience and dealing with insurance adjusters, you also worked with the adjuster to ensure proper repair identification and costs were conducted. Furthermore you were very helpful in identifying visible and not visible damages my insurance initially overlooked. Because of your company's professionalism, patriotism and dedication to serve the customer, you restored peace of mind once again to my home. We are Poplin Construction customers.

"I will highly recommend Poplin Construction to anyone who experiences an emergency or issue as mine and wants clean, honest and outstanding service. I would gladly testify to Poplin Construction quality anytime."

Joe & Ann F.
A shout out to your guys for putting our guest bath back together
"We would like to thank Jimmy and his crew for the work recently done in our bathroom. We returned to AZ to find water leakage and are very pleased with the way the whole project was handled. It was done quickly and efficiently. Yesterday, Brian reinstalled the cabinets and pipes under the sink, re-hung the mirror above the vanity, and even went the extra mile to hang a couple of accessories on the wall. Once again, kudos to all!"

Marie B. - Pearce, Arizona
"I was very happy for the good work your company did on my home during the last 2 weeks in May of this year. I would recommend your business to anyone. Thank you for your cooperation and fine work."

Larry C. - A Happy Homeowner
"I wanted to let you know wha a fine job your company did for me. Your employees were courteous and professional while restoring my bathrooms after the broken pipe destroyed the ajoining bathroom walls. Your restoration exceeded our expectations and our bathrooms are now the showcase of our home."

Joe and Ann F.
"We would like to thank Jimmy and his crew for the work recently done in our bathroom. We returned to Az to find water leakage and are very pleased with the way the whole project was handled. It was done quickly and efficiently. Yesterday, Brian reinstalled the cabinets and pipes under the sink, re-hung the mirror above the vanity, and even went the extra mile to hang a couple of accessories on the wall. Once again, kudos to all!!"

Jean C.
"Danny, Recently your company completed a job for us regarding damages from a water tank. We couldn't be more pleased with the work. You were here when you promised and did everything you proposed to do. We can't begin to say thank you enough. They were CLEAN, articulate, well spoken, polite and never to busy to stop and answer some questions. We will be glad to recommend you and your Company to anyone."

Sara T.
"Jimmy, You were extremely patient and took great detail in your explanations to me. Because of this, I was well informed about the restoration process. I especially appreciate being able to ad some special touches to the shower. Being able to choose the new tile was an unexpected plus. And the care that the tiler took in installing the floor tile is remarkable. I also wish to recognize your employees.They all sported good attitudes and had helpful suggestions when asked. They never lost their tempers or got agitated and they never uttered a foul word. And, they showed up on time! Basically, they were absolutely wonderful to work with. Other companies should strive to have the same type of employees. So, I am thrilled with my new home and I love my shower. I am so glad that Poplin Construction was there when I needed you. CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB VERY WELL DONE!!"

Bessie H.

"Jimmy, Thank you for your professional service at our home. You went above and beyond what I consider a job well done. By what I mean, you offered to come to our home on Saturday! (Who works on Saturdays anymore?!?) You are VERY courteous and prompt, in this day, this is the exception not the rule. Also I know I hinted for Rick to be sent to do the work and you honored this requested. Rick is almost as wonderful as you. I say almost only because there can only be one #1. Rick is also very courteous and polite. He is a very valuable employee. Poplin Construction was very prompt and worked non-stop. We were thrilled with your work. Thank you"

Doug F
"Danny, You guys did an awesome job and were extra courteous in the way they worked. Thanks for the great work."

Donald W
"Please let me take the time to thank you and your work men; for a great job. You and your employees did a great job and treated me and my family very well. You went out of your way to restore my home and you did it cheerfully. Again Thanks for the extra mile you went on this job."

Charles F
"Jimmy, This letter is forwarded to you to complement Troy who has helped to restore our property as a result of water damage. Troy was professional, thorough, courteous, and clean. In additional, Troy insured we were satisfied upon completing his work. Thanks to you and all those working with you."

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